Last article from Australia

6 12 2009

G’Day Mates,

We were thinking it’s time to write an English article. Indeed we’ve been here for over 11 months. We went back to Brisbane to see our friends and to say good bye to everyone…

It was a really good experience, we’ve met a lot of people, experienced different cultures and discovered so many places… Hoping you’ve enjoyed the blog as well as we’ve enjoyed our trip

We are conscious that certain people may not understand this article, but no worries, we’re on the way back to France.

But,emoticone before we’ll have a detour in Thailand and Singapore to enjoy the last few days before returning to the cold, the french routine and the french cuisine as well…

We didn’t forget the most important thing!!!  You Guys!

See you soon for some new adventures in Thailand…

Ah we forget, it’s the Christmas time!


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2 réponses à “Last article from Australia”

  1. 6 12 2009
    Damien & Séssé (09:52:16) :

    We’re looking forward to see you in france, enjoy your last few vacations days.
    it was a great pleasure to follow you during this 11 month. we travelled with you thanks for that, i’m quite sure that we’ll spend a lot of time to discuss with you and listen to your feedback around this wonderful adventure.
    big kiss
    and see you soon

  2. 6 12 2009
    Max (12:28:58) :

    Hi Boss,
    Have a good time in Thailand, hope to see you in France in 2010.


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